Why is Sarah Palin so popular?

I’ve been watching her for some time but more important I’ve been  listening to her.  Most of my career has been spent in the communication business.  What is said, when and to whom matters.  So few politicians have her ability to say things and use language that is understood by the masses.  Grant it, she does make up language and even when she does, as funny as it is..we understand those words.  

In a popular book titled “It’s not what you say its what they hear” written by Frank Luntz, he demonstrates through research, that the intended message sent is not always what people hear.  You may think you said something but then again…maybe you didn’t. 

Palin is inclusive, specific, positive and plain spoken. Ingredients that work well together.  Just listen to her deliver her speech at the  Tea Party convention earlier this year.  I don’t agree with alot of what she says and the thought of her in office is a bit scary, but I do think that what she says is being heard.  Perhaps who we realy need to get to know and consider for politics is her speech writer.  When she is au naturelle without script….she isn’t hitting any home runs!   Click below and listen.

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