So what do you do all day?

After a 30 year career, I decided to stay home while my daughter, a senior in high school is preparing for her next chapter in life, college. For as long as she has known me, I’ve had a position that was global in nature and required me to travel. Sometimes more then I wanted. For what I call “her last year at home” (I hope this isn’t true but I can’t gamble anymore), being close  on terra firma, accessible and helpful, home is where I want to be. She”s not the one needing me, she’s done quite well with me working.  The truth is…I needed her. I needed a chance at being present, sharing her journey real time and yes, re-claiming myself.
Because I was such a busy person, many of my friends wondered how long I would last at home. Would I get bored, was there enough to do and some even have bets on when I return to the career jungle. The truth is, I love working. I learned a ton, met great people and was challenged in a way that made me stronger, more interesting, not to mention the financial rewards that comes with a job. But I do have to tell you that being home for the last 4 1/2 months has been sheer luxury!  I see it as a gift of time.  I will most likely return to having a career, but for now, living this life is my choice and I’m enjoying it.

So for those who ask what I do all day, here is my day for November 22, 2010.

700am  Wake up to a cup of coffee, delivered by my husband and tune in to Imus in the Morning.  A quick glimpse at what is going on in the world and few chuckles from the personalities on the program.  I also scan the New York Times on line or the copy I find downstairs in the TV room. 


800am  Drop my daughter at school and go directly to Equinox for a workout. I use to do this at 530am and was always pressed for time, but now, I have the luxury of spending more time and stretching the way I should.  One needs to get to the gym ahead of the SUV brigade!  Doesn’t anyone drive small anymore?  Thank God I have a Mini, I always find a spot.   Stay at homes are busy doing the morning classes. Cycling and boot camp for tight buts to maintain what they have.  Most of these women are young moms but a few women looking just  like me (not the most up to date gym wear but a collection of old comfy t shirts and absolutely no make-up) are burning away last night’s martini and preventing future damage and shape shifters that come to visit when you reach a certain age.  


945am  Shower, dress, check email (and now write this blog) and down to the kitchen to cook.  My daughter is having her wisdom teeth (why” wisdom” to define teeth you never see or use?) removed on Wednesday so I will make soup today.  Fresh cranberry pasta fagioli and red lentil soup.  All packed with protein and flexibility to puree.


I start with my nespresso cappuccino, get all the ingredients, chop, saute and stir.

1215pm The house smells like a cross between a souk in Morocco and the streets of Arthur Ave. in the Bronx!

1pm A little lunch and more reading to upload pictures for this blog.  It should be easy…but for me..its not.  I will ask the question at night school tonight.  Trying to stay current and learn all about social media.  It’s been a while since I was a student and am loving to learn.

145pm  Off to Costco and Stop & Shop.  I refuse to shop on the weekends now for two reason. Give those working people more space in the the stores and…I can.

330pm Mission accomplished.  Purchased more things than I knew I needed and was fed along the way with all those samples.  Now time to get back, unload food, freeze and get ready for the treck into the city for my “How to Blog workshop”.

7pm to 10pm Attended the workshop and have new found intelligence to navigate and post things.  This is more complicated then I had thought.  The diversity of the classroom andthe  interesting people, confirm to me that the future will be filled with bloggers who use this medium to be creative, regardless of who reads their blog.  Hey, we all have to start somewhere.

1010 pm Train back home and down for another day.

What’s really different about this life is I have more time to do everything.  I’m not pressed (although sometimes I get more done with a deadline) but enjoy the things I do do..except reminding my daughter of her college application obligations! I think she’s tired of hearing me ask the many questions parents ask when going through this  process but I hope she knows its all because I care.

Signing off…….


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