Finding my Tribe..Women Just Like Me

Finding my Tribe
Who we become in life depends on the experiences we’ve had along the way. It all starts with what surrounded us from the time we were born. Family size, neighborhood, politics, music, pop culture, religion, the food we ate are all connections to who we become. Like it or not, we are who we were. We start with this foundation and experience life events that continue to develop us. It is the combination of all of those things that build a generation of people who understand each other. We share some common ground that instantly defines what tribe we are from.
12  Signs You’ll Know you’re Just Like Me  (you qualify with eight)

  1. You finally accept who you are.
  2. You’ve looked in the mirror and wondered why your mother is in the room.
  3. AARP has sent you direct mail.
  4. You have lived through the loss or struggle of people you love.
  5. You have a “beauty cemetery” in your bathroom.
  6. Girlfriends mean everything to you.
  7. You find yourself doing things your parents did and had  vowed never to do them.
  8. You know your weaknesses and the affect they have on you.
  9. You’ve thought about old boyfriends and wondered (if not Googled) what happened to them.
  10. You’ve been a blond or seriously thought of being a blond at some point in life.
  11. You have fond memories of disco and dancing the night away under a disco ball.
  12. You finally realize that that the simplest of things have the greatest power of bringing joy.


  1. I just love this post. Especially number 3. So true.

  2. Anne Smithson says:

    Loved this one. From the heart and h so true.

  3. I can relate to more than eight, so true!

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