Early Action, Early Decision Roller Coaster Week

This is the week when students who applied for early action and early decision get notified whether they are in….or out. It’s a tense week for kids and families, more tense than I had imagined!  Ugh… 

The competition in  to get into top schools is real.  More and more, international students apply, making it both an interesting mix of people yet reducing the number of US base students in these schools.  That along with the third highest number of high school seniors in our history makes for a tense week.  Kids with perfect SAT and ACT scores along with 4.0 GPAs,   many of them not making the cut,  not getting in.  What is up with that?  Kids with resumes that  make you think they almost have cured cancer or volunteered more hours a week then I sleep.  How can this be?

 I keep thinking, in a year from now, all will be in place, all will be good.  None of that eliminates the reality of living through this week.

Some of my daughter’s friends have heard. Some are happier than others.  For those who are accepted in their top choice, the worry and game is over.  For the other’s, it can drag out another 3 months before they know where they will be. 

As adults, we know (or should) that it will all work out.  But for our kids, they don’t have enough experience to understand and accept that it.  They have been dreaming about the possibilities and for many of them, this is their first big dream and it may not turn out the way they dreamed it.   we can only stand by to love, comfort and hopefully celebrate.

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