Finding Love or Creating Angst for Loved Ones?

In an ideal world, one falls in love and lives happily ever after.  But times have changed and the story, at least fifty percent of the time, doesn’t happen that way anymore. For all kinds of reasons, some of us (including myself) part ways and move on.  We try to do so with as little collateral damage as possible to ourselves and the ones we love, or use to love. 

A recent New york Times article, attached link below, we learn about Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla relationship and eventual marriage.  It sounds like a love story.  Girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love and tie the knot.  This story wouldn’t be interesting unless it was a little complicated along with striking a nerve in many of us.  It’s never as easy as it sounds. 

This story focus on two people, each with a complete family. It begins with a chance encounter,  families who fall in love with each other and somewhere along the way, two of the four adults fall into each others arms, only, not the arms of the one who took  them to the dance. 

I’m not hear to judge them or their nuptials.  I  do wonder why they felt the need to broadcast their story?  Really…for what purpose?    Secondly,  why has this story struck a nerve with so many?

Striking a Nerve

This story has been the chatter of many conversations since the article appeared last Saturday.  Women I have spoken to admit that the thought of a new beginning or a new romance, whether in dreams or real life, is a real one.  We meet new people and think maybe, just maybe it might be more fun with someone new.   You have to wonder if this feeling, is the one responsible for so many divorces?  What we do with that feeling can and will affect many lives, just as Carol and John’s story has certainly done to their families.

I can somewhat understand the curiosity and follow through of their relationship.  Their grown up and will live with their decisions.  What I can’t understand is their need to make it so public. Making it so public for their children, families and their exes.  Why…for what purpose?  Is it ego, the chance to read about yourself in the New York times.  Is it validation of your relationship, if so, they must be blind not to think that it wouldn’t hurt their families.  Or are they just stupid, did these media executives really think that the world would say…isn’t that a nice story.  You be the judge, let me know what you think. 

FASHION & STYLE   | December 19, 2010
Vows:  Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla
After a first attraction when they were each married to someone else, a couple are married after intervening years.


  1. It’s the public announcement that’s so unfortunate. Seems like they wanted everyone to know they didn’t cheat on their spouses.

  2. This made me sit up and notice, only when you pointed it out, because it could so easily happen to anyone! Reading this is remind me to call my hubby and set up a lunch date! I don’t just want to stay married – I want to be in love with the one I married. :)

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