Homeless but not Voiceless, a Wonderful Story


 How often have we walked passed a homeless person, wondering who they were before they were homeless?  How they got there and how they survive.  I know I do every time I see a homeless person.  Living in the New York area, that happens more than I care to think.  Thanks to a Columbus Ohio reporter who took the time to find out, he uncovered a diamond in the rough.  My only hope is that all of the attention he has received since yesterday, doesn’t prevent him from moving forward with the life Ted Williams has been dreaming of.  I know this story will have me even more curious than before.  Click on the above YouTube link and enjoy!


  1. this is a great story – I am always asking where and how the homeless got here, what their family thinks and knows and there definately is a great ‘reality TV’ show somewhere here…thanks

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