Is Shapewear All it’s Crunched Up to Be?

For the last 10 years, a new clothing category called “shapewear” has swept the marketplace and everyone owns a piece. At least most everyone I know. I have a few pieces but rarely wear them. Not becasue I shouldn’t wear them but I feel like I’m squeezing myself into a sausage casing, worst yet a body condom or a  small latex glove. I may look good once I have them on, covered by my real close, but I save this painful experience for my fat days. The worst part of this experience is the reveal at the end of the day when everything gets to go back where it lives the rest of the non shapewear time. If my husband is anywhere near the reveal stage, I assure you, it sets a mood…the I have a headache mood on his part!
One company, Ardyss International, claims that you “drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes”. Really? Youtube has before and after videos of these women who wear the product. I question whether these women are still around and are still breathing.  Women’s mid section in the Ardyss shapewear does not all get crunched into this device.  Three sizes is alot of real estate to hide, I mean shape!  I refer to this as a device because I feel the FDA should approve some of this stuff for safety.  Some of the mid section goes elsewhere, places like your upper back turning into back fat. So you gain a somewhat smaller waist and less noticeable muffin top for back fat?  Within 10 minutes, you look like a linemen  playing football for the New York Jets.  Other brands like Spanx can cover most of your body from your cankles, oops, I meant ankles, to your mid section with connection options  available for your bra.   Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the items serve a purpose and make many women very happy.  If you’re married or in a secure relationship, you do not need to worry about the end of the day reveal.  But if you are single and looking for love, shapewear could put you in a awkward position of misleading advertising.

Image by Stan Chow

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