The New “IT” Shoe

Comfy and Ugly

No, it’s not a Louboutin with red under soles. It’s a Vibram five fingers athletic shoe.  Probably the saddest looking thing I have ever seen but one that is saving my hip from surgery 20 years from now.  I was training for the More magazine half marathon last year and in the process…my right knee and left hip took a beating! Stretching never seemed enough. Physical therapy, steroid injections and acupuncture where needed to complete the training and the race. I can tell you that I wasn’t looking pretty at the end of that marathon.  Sure, I left Central Park with a ribbon around my neck (I wasn’t leaving without it!), but I also left with the knowledge and physical pain that I needed a better plan for the long run and couldn’t continue this grind.
Everywhere I looked, Vibram five fingers was being talked about. So I took the challenge, bought a pair last October and I have never looked back nor have I worn regular running shoes to run or exercise at the gym. They are ghastly looking but I rarely get out of bed or the car now with a terrible ache in my hip anymore.   I am one of very few people in my neck of the woods and get questions every time I wear them.    These shoes have helped me, they can certainly help others.
I wouldn’t do justice describing the particulars of this shoe so I have inserted text from their website. I am not pitching this product nor have I received anything form the company. This is my own testimony, just trying to help others who might be suffering form hip or knee pain as a result of exercising. It appears that the people who prefer to be barefoot at home(that would be me) seem to have better results.

“Vibram® five fingers® is lightweight and flexible, it follows the shape of your foot, individually pocketing each toe and working as a second skin to offer protection while enhancing sensory awareness.
Vibram® five fingers® footwear is a product of innovative design, precision engineering, and meticulous manufacturing. We’ve combined premium quality materials with the proven technology of Vibram® soles to create alternative footwear designed to enhance your performance and increase your enjoyment of outdoor pursuits

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