Pajama Jeans, The Combination of These Two Words Don’t Work for Me

Pajama Jeans

When I first saw this new revolutionary product advertised on infomercials, it took my breath away.  Not in a good way.  On their own, both of these words work for me.  Who doesn’t like to lounge around in their pajama’s in the privacy of their own homes,  away from public scrutiny and which one of us doesn’t own at least  a dozen pairs of jeans?   But when you suggest that both words belong together, it makes me ask “why”, not “why not”.

The term” jean” was used to describe a textile whose name was derived from the  Italian city of Genoa some 500 years ago. This textile  was used to make pants for  Genovese sailors.   In 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis gave birth to what we now know as modern day jeans.   Of course, much has changed in the evolution of jeans but I don’t think  the Genovese sailors or Levi and Jacob had any intention of having their innovation take you from your bed to the office and back home for a good night sleep if you were so inclined or just too lazy to change into night wear.  These were meant to be working pants.  Pants you wore outdoors.  Pants that suggested you were hard at work, even if just on a dance floor.  Pants that the Marlboro man and other cowboys wore. Pants that put  Brooke Shields on the map with the risque campaign..Nothing comes between me and my Calvins. 

I didn’t think this product would last but they are still on the air, I’m sure selling millions of pairs for only $39.00 along with a “free T-shirt”…which also doubles up as a pyjama top!  So what does this type of clothes say about us?  Is this simply an extension of the extremely informal grubwear we find people wearing 7 days a week?  We use to get away with this sloppy look on Saturdays and  now it’s turned into a 24/7 option.

Comfort you say?  Leggings have been around for 20 years and will always find a place or a body to hug.  The Jegging is the new improved legging.  At least they made up new words for these dandies and not steal from established words that have real meaning and history. 

“I have found memories of my first pair of  Lee jeans back in the 7th grade.  They weren’t popular back then, they were hard to find (small town Canada) but when I saved up enough money and bought my first pair..I wore them with pride.   We have so many choices for comfortable clothes today and I own my share of them.   But owning a pair of these….not on my radar screen and I’m sure would never delight me as much as the real deal.

PS  While I’m on the subject of relaxed wear, I also never liked the track suit look of the eighties.  Most of the people who wore them (weren’t they such great pieces to travel with?) never went to the track!   I guess they felt if they looked the part, everyone else would think they’ve been busy burning those calories or just back form Florida!

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