Day Two, Kitchen Stadium, Summer Camp for Grown Ups

I’m exhausted!  Just back from dinner following a full day of lectures and cooking on sauteing , stir frying, pan and deep frying.    You can smell the butter from wherever you happen to be! The only way I can describe this experience is summer camp for grown ups who like to cook.  Unlike my daughter who would look for a way out by day three (phone calls with secret  pick up locations near the back gates) we don’t want to leave.  Chef D, who has lost most of his voice, continues to inspire and teach in his unique humble way.  He makes cooking accessible and fun for all of us, those of us who know what to do and others who pretend. 
Really, most of the team are real food enthusiast.  Lectures are  from 7am to 830 and followed by entry and positioning in  the CIA “Kitchen Stadium” to prepare the food for the day. Four teams of four people. I guess the most important lesson is building a cohesive team. If we can figure ourselves out and our mutual agenda, we can cook together. Keep in mind that we didn’t chose our teams, they were chosen for us so we all start from ground zero. Reality is setting in and we are getting to know each other, our strengths and weakness’s. Fortunately, we all love food and that is the binding factor for all of us.  For many type A personalities (which is mostly what you find here) we need to focus on today and plan for Friday’s finale . For some of the students, there isn’t enough preparation time to plan for Friday  but for me…I remind myself that this isn’t my day job, I’m here to learn and have some fun. 

In the pursuit of having fun, I found a group of students who were busy throwing oranges at each other.  They tried to convince me they were doing research on a historic tratidition from the Piedmont region of Italy where once a year, the towns people get to battle it out with the upper class by flinging  oranges at them.  This video demonstrates parents investment in college tuition hard at work!  My daughter would have a hard time convincing me that this was a “learning” module.  Looks more like boys and girls trying to find an excuse to wrestle in the snow.   Hey, I get that, but no need to waste blood oranges in February!  A few beers would have gotten me there back in the day and nobody needed  to throw themselves in the snow to get my attention! 

Chef D takes us through proper cutting techniques for chicken.  I learned something here and hopefully you might as well.  Click and view to your left.  I love this guy……Julia Childs move over.

I have so many more pictures and recipes to share but can’t stay awake anymore.  Yeah..I have wine running through my body and demanding I lay myself to sleep, so I shall.  What you read this week is simply a glimpse of what I can further describe next week while not under the influence of alcohol or lacking in beauty sleep, not to mention a growing girth and the worry of  limited clothes for the end of this week!  Bonsoir…  Opps  I can’t upload the videos but will as soon as I can!!!


  1. Francine, still laughing. Looks, however quite challenging and informative, and best of all FUN. I know what you mean, can’t quite cut it like we used to,age tempers all. Bear in mind, this is a bucket list stroke off item, so enjoy!! N.

  2. Anne Smithson says:

    Makes me want to attend.
    Can’t wait to hear about the next days events! AS

  3. Francine–Andrea has told me how fun it is to having you at the CIA with her. I bet you have picked up some amazing knife skills…:-) Look forward to meeting…R

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