Day Three, Improved Confidence and Lots of Laughs

I feel your pain! Walking into the dinning hall this morning, we found these three beauties down for the count. Half eaten oranges and chocolate milk, a lonely banana, the poor babies couldn’t finish breakfast. This scene reminds me of nursing school.  Studying all night for an exam and crashing in the student lounge after the test.  I guess we all do it while we are in  training.  It is grueling work to be on your feet all day, perfecting techniques so that one day, they can create something that will delight some of us, perhaps competing for those Michelin stars.   They graduate about 80 students every 3 weeks who have completed a 2 year degree program.  Some of them go on to complete a masters program at the end of four years.  To compare my one week  with these students is a bit silly.   I have a new found respect for the science and discipline needed to cook well. Food being so much of so many of our lives, it’s fun to see this side of the kitchen. 
Sorry about yesterday’s post. I lied. We spent the day sauteing and frying, to day was the dry heat methods. Grilling, broiling, roasting and thickening agents was the subject of day three.

On the way to kitchen stadium, I noticed my new BFF was already draped with her apron.  How did she get this done so quickly?  I was a bit jealous that she could move so fast, getting ready to get the best pots and pans for the day.  As I approached her, I realized that it wasn’t the apron string but a long string of …toilet paper!  The first thing I did was capture the image, knowing that I would need proof for this blog and then quietly approached her to let her know.  Good friends don’t let you walk around looking like that! 







If you want to eat something to die for and not spend alot of time making it, try quick frying capers!  What an incredible taste and so so easy to make.  Pat them dry before placing them in the hot oil and make sure they don’t clump together, spread them apart and they cook in a nanosecond.




How about closing with a look in the Cheese chest of the CIA.


  1. Andrea Marx says:

    Damn good thing you learned how to crop! I am still laughing and even with toilet paper as a tail feel honored to have made history in your blog!

    Write more.2 more days to cover.

    Your BFF

  2. Mickey Murray says:

    Just wondering how the fried capers were used??Garnishes???
    I’m sure it will all be shared in later posts-can’t wait!

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