Day Six, Return and Recovery

When I first committed to attending the CIA Boot Camp, Travel & Leisure magazine had this experience listed as a top 10 destination for foodies. I thought maybe they were pushing the boundaries on what a cooking week with a bunch of strangers would be. Can I tell you, it was a great escape. Most of the people there, other than 4 women who came in as pairs, everyone else came solo. It’s not that I didn’t have friends who would have loved to have come, it just seemed to be something I do by myself for myself. Eleven other people felt the same way. Our food passion connected us and our daily activities had all of us focusing on food. I made “forever lasting” friends last week and I miss some of them.    I am also recovering form lack of sleep. Same time zone but I felt jet lagged when I returned on Friday night.  I started to write this a week ago and now am completing my last “experience” entry.  Next on my list is sharing some of my favorite recipes for those foodies out there who want a taste of what we had.  I’m back down to my “pre Boot Camp weight”, rested and muscle are tone once again.

There have been times in my life when I have challenged the cost of a meal in some restaurants. I now appreciate the human effort, imagination and dedication it takes to make fine dinning an experience.  (This is not to say that all expensive meals are memorable in a positive way)    The link below,  takes you through a day work at  Paris restaurant “Guy Savoy”,  It was sent to me the other day (from a CIA Foodie) and it reminded me of all of the efforts it takes from so many to make food memorable. Of course, this is Paris France, and you can sometimes feel like you need to take out a mortgage for the pleasure of an experience in some restaurants. Download this video (Guy Savoy),  be inspired and eat well.        

  Guy Savoy2<


  1. Andrea Marx says:

    Loved your last CIA installment and am feeling a bit of withdrawal myself being back in the routine of life in Denver. Made pasta sauce last night that somehow tasted better since my return from Hyde Park. Fact or fiction????


  2. Hey there Francine –
    Great blog; love the CIA string.

    I must say that the experience was as you said “summer camp” for grown ups.
    I think I may be addicted to early mornings, late nights and overeating – I still haven’t readjusted; and I think I will never be able to readjust the amount of butter I’ll cook with!!!

    Thanks for recording for posterity
    It was excellent to meet you.


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