A University Place Holder, What a Joy

Finally, the day comes when you have a “yes” from one of the many applications that have been a part of the family for so long.  A deep breath, knowing that your child will be going to University after all.  Not that you ever doubted it, but until you receive this letter, it’s pins and needles.  There are more to come.  Some will have  good news others  maybe not.  But now you have one in the bag!

The other nice feeling this stage is the completion of first term exams.  The Universities “last look grade”  before they make a decision.  A critical  number for this final impression.  From here on end, maintaining and passing grades are required.  Gone is the competition for perfection.

All along, we were told, “there is a school for everyone”.  You believe that but until you have proof, its just an idea. 

  I am thankful to so many people.  Firstly, I thank and congratulate my daughter for her ongoing curiosity and efforts to reach for the stars (astrophysics/engineering).  As hard as it was at times, she pushed forward with grace, some tears and a  lot of  determination.  I thank our families who loved, supported and encouraged her.  Her sister and brother who loved her unconditionally.   I thank her grandparents who were patient, nurturing and loving.  I thank many of her teachers, tutors and counsellors who pulled her along, challenged, supported and inspired her to be her best.  Her  close friends who had her best interest at heart and provided her with a support system.  Her dad for bringing calm into the house, a love of history along with unconditional love and support.  There are so may people involved, directly and indirectly, affecting the future of just one little girl!


  1. Francine, this post speaks from the heart. It brought back memories for me. My boys are now in their thirties, and I can remember all the mixed feelings I experienced as you are now. Also, a good time to tell you how inspirational your posts are to me at this time in my life. You have prompted me to act on some of those things I have been dreaming about doing for a long time. Thank you, Nella

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