One Little Strip of Plastic

I never thought I would react with such pride from  a small piece of plastic as i did today.  Following a year of hard work in the college application process, my daughter was finally in a position to decide what’s next.  An education in the sciences (physics) and engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.   Getting to this point was no small effort but looking back on that adventure makes today a real celebration.  Around here, tradition has you place prominently on your car’s back window, a school banner,  a strip of plastic displaying the school name.  A sign that we have survived the journey and can finally cross that “To Do” off the bucket list.

I, who never decorates my Mini Cooper with anything (I love my citron yellow and white roofed car the way it is, it’s a statement all on its own), placed the banner as instructed.  I proceeded to drive and run errands all afternoon and could see it in my rear view mirror.  I liked it.  In fact, I liked it a lot.  I realized that this was a symbol of hard work (her part) and a lifetime of raising a child who continues to be curious enough to learn so much more.  It represents a milestone in her life, one that will help determine which path she travels at the beginning of her career in four years.   That banner represents hopes and dreams and a future of adventure.

The reflection of the tree in the window is a great visual for life.  Just as the tree cycles through its life, so do we.  The tree becomes stronger and more beautiful over time, just as we do.  So today I celebrate life!


  1. Anne Smithson says:

    Very nice!
    Congrats to all.

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