Nine to Five (Eight to Seven or Later)

Well, I did it.  I went back to work full time.  Now that my daughter is moving on to college, retirement was just not meant to be.  I’ve had a trial run this past year.  It was a luxury but I’m not quite ready to give up the pace or the need to make a difference.  The truth is, I couldn’t see myself at home without her in September, so better to busy doing something I like.  That empty nest is not something I look forward to so off I went.

Its been a week and it has taken some getting use and some getting into.  Like my shoes.  After a year of golf, tennis and lots of exercise, my feet were comfortable in athletic wear. Fitting back into tight fitting shoes was the biggest challenge, until of course I went shopping and bought new ones.  Like shrinking clothes, my shoes just shrank.  The other habit which requires practice is the alarm clock.  First you have to remember to set the dam thing and then, that sound you here early in the morning is meant for me.

It has been an invigorating week.  New people, new brands (beauty products), new office, new location (Union Square), new commute.  I guess the worst part of day one was coming home and realizing that my dear little family was waiting for me to start dinner!  They got spoiled over the last year, especially after cooking school and needed a few days to realize that they should take the initiative and get things moving or we’re all going to starve.  One week later, dinner was ready when I entered the door. Just like June Clever would have had ready for the Beaver and the other men in her life.

This is a newly created position so I have some space to create what needs to be done for the company, leverage my strengths which happens to be things I like doing, share my knowledge with a global team of professionals and  build a great team.  This will most likely be my last big job.  I plan on working hard and having fun.  It’s fun to be around young minds, the millennials.  They are so smart and skilled.  The biggest difference between them and me is wisdom, which can only be gotten through time and experience. Sometimes you have to live long enough to know enough.  Sharing that will be one of the highlights.  In turn, they share modern technology and ideas which are fascinating. 

Stay tuned for one more career to live!


  1. Francine, sounds like things are really changing for you, in many aspects. Sounds exciting and daunting at the same time. I loved the analogy of the tree, a constant reminder of the cycle of life. Nella

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