College Application Process (part 1)


This collection of diary entries, are slightly (but not too much) exaggerated events that occur when someone you love (your child) applies for college admission.  Enjoy reading this more than I loved the process of living this! 

October, 2009

Dear Diary,

My goal, as a mother of a high school senior is simple.  Get her to a good university so she can learn, have some fun, find herself and graduate with a degree that will remove her from the family payroll!  From what I can see, this college process is not for the light at heart.  Having seen others go through it along with the stories I’ve heard, the college process could actually be considered a new athletic sport for the Olympics.  A cross between long distance running and shot put.  You never know how far is far enough and only hope that things could land where they have been thrown.   If your family, as ours, has not been a ginormous donor to a named wing or library, this process sucks big time.  It’s complex, time consuming, emotional and inconsistent.  It’s like a big fat black hole.  It has the potential of sucking up everything and everyone in its path, inclusive of my credit cards, my hard earned frequent flyer miles (from years of business travel and nights away from home) and my spirit.  How will I survive this next phase of my life?  I know it should be about my daughter, but right now, it’s all about me and how I will cope with this strange American tradition.  In Canada, it’s simple.  Mail us your grades.                                  Yours truly, Optimistic

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