College Application Process(part 2)

This collection of diary entries, are slightly (but not too much) exaggerated events that occur when someone you love (your child) applies for college admission.  Enjoy reading this more than I loved the process of living this!

November 30th, 2009

Dear Diary 

Today we sat down with Mr Fingerling, the school counselor, to put my daughter’s “list” together.  A list of Universities that are both “reach” and “safety” schools.   I use to think I knew what those words meant but now, reach really means schools that are near impossible but let’s give them a try, while safety means likely to be attainable.  There is a simpler way to go about it by creating a “schools who want you” list that have already started to market their way into your home (based on PSAT scores), flooding the mail box with more pamphlets of beautiful, happy, politically correct looking students luring you with scholarships and promises. None of those schools have the cache, reputation or interest in this household.  We have decided to go for the “reach for stars” schools.  The schools who don’t do direct marketing unless you invite them into your home.  The schools that show up on The Times of London Higher Education list.  With his list in hand, we now need to start planning for spring training, where the athletic part of this journey begins.                                                                                                                     Yours truly, Determined

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