May was Sweeps Month, as in Housekeeping!

May was a busy month with an unusual amount of “housekeeper”‘ news.  It all started with the news on  that Arnold, the Terminator Schwarzenegger had been busy for years, pumping iron with the housekeeper of more than 20 years.  Not only was he cleaning house with her, they had a love child together.  Like many  politicians, one day they are busy preaching family values,   the  next day, those rules don’t appear to apply to them.    We’ve all heard politicians talk too often, preaching what should happen and find out that their story is always different.  It becomes impossible to believe what we are told.  Have a look at George Lopez’s segment on this story.

If that wasn’t enough, on May 14th the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Khan, seducer, womanizer par excellence, decided  that he needed a little housekeeping himself at the New York Sofitel hotel. Maids at this hotel are now wearing pants, instead of the traditional dress uniform, hoping that the guests can keep their pants on for a change.

Before the month came to a close, Egyptian banker, Mahmoud Abdel Salom Omar,  at the esteemed Pierre hotel (one of my favorite hotels in the world), decided he needed some polishing in his room.  He calls for a maid to bring  “tissue” up to the room and when she gets there, he lures her in, wearing his luxurious silk terry cloth robe, and proceeds to grope her.  The Pierre now have “panic buttons’ equipped for the housekeeping staff.

Clearly these stories of rich powerful men hitting on the housekeeping staff are  not new.  Don’t they know that if they just keep their clothes on and went to the hotel bar, they could find a number of bar flies just waiting to meet them.  Sure, some of them hookers, but some of them just regular girls looking to have fun.  So to those regular girls, I say let go of the expensive highball drinks.  Buy an apron , grab a broom or duster and take the elevator up to the top floors.  You never know what or who could be waiting for you. Then the housekeeping staff could do what they were meant to do.  Clean the rooms and nothing else!


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