College Application Process (Part 5)

This is part of a series of  trying to get into college, a parents perspective.  Please read all previous blog posts starting at Part1 in “Raising a College Bound Teen”. 

January 2011

Dear Diary,

The roller coaster ride begins!  If you were brave enough to commit to a school (early action or early decision, the binding kind) emails and letters are hitting your computer screen or mail box.  Yes, means you crack open the champagne, pay no attention to the legal drinking age and ride that gentle scenic turn to your problems are over land.  No, means you are going down the steepest, highest suicide triple diamond hill, not knowing if you will make it and wondering why you bought the ticket for this ride. Community college and those schools who wanted you start to look appealing.  Easier to get into and cheaper on the pocket book.    “Wait List” means don’t get on the coaster just yet, your time will come.  You stand in line waiting for the fun to begin while writing yet more letters proving your worthiness.  How many fresh ideas can one child have for this letter writing campaign?  I’ve opted for the long distance “regular” admission process.  There is nothing regular about any of this!                                                   Yours truly, Exasperated    

PS.  All alumni interviews are scheduled throughout New York’s finest coffee shops.

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