College Application Process(Part6)


This is part of a series of  trying to get into college, a parents perspective.  Please read all previous blog posts starting at Part1 in “Raising a College Bound Teen”. 

March 2010

Dear Diary,

Back on the coaster.  Depending on the day and the response (yes, no or wait list) from your reach or safety schools,   you may be looking for a sharp blunt object or champagne.  Actually, martinis have suddenly become a staple in the house…its five o’clock somewhere.  We are sitting on a mix bag of all of the possible responses.  The way I see it, we’re safe.  We have somewhere to send her come September.  Of course, she doesn’t see it that way.  It’s confusing and the “yes” schools, with scholarships, no longer seem as appealing as they once did.  It’s the “no” schools that would have been perfect beyond belief.  Throughout each and every day, text comes in “has the mail arrived, is there anything for me”?  I always say “no, not yet”, so she can keep focusing on all those freakin AP courses.  (Speaking of which, why do high school students need to be taking sophomore college courses in high school?  Aren’t we suppose to teach our kids to live the moment?  What has become so normal that we live the moment two years from now?  It would be like going on a first date and acting married.    She’ll know soon enough when she gets back home from school.                                                            Yours truly, Make it Go Away

PS  Forgot to mention that the US Army and Marines called the house, wondering if she needed financial help for college.  Boy, does that take you back a few steps.  It’s like open season for hunters.  Everyone now has a license to come in for the kill.  Please stay away from my child!


  1. Dear Francine, I have been missing your posts. After reading the above all the memories came rushing back to me of when my husband and I went through what you are now experiencing. I remember my youngest son calling us the next day after we left him in Ottawa, with tears in our eyes. He said, Mom, you and Dad have to stop doing this to me! I will be alright. We cried all the way home. It is as you said bittersweet, letting them go and knowing in your heart they will always be your little boy, in my case. You will survive!! And the time will also come when you can’t wait for them to leave!!! Thinking of you, Nella xo

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