Power Bloggers of Korea Unite

I have been travelling through Asia for work and in the process, meeting women who influence the beauty marketplace.  I have to say that meeting these women is an absolute highlight of my trip.  Even my jet lag could not interfere with the fun I had.  Bloggers, for those of you who may not know, are at the forefront of “trusted” communication when it comes to talking about brands.  People who develop a voice and a following who trust what they say.  They are independent, passionate writers (in this case beauty) and willing to burn the midnight oil to get their unique stories on line and share their enthusiasm and insight.  Most of them have day jobs and this is the second shift for many of them.  It’s a very social world but one nonetheless that requires hard work and discipline.

I was reminded when meeting with them, why I started my blog.  I wanted to do something that was creative, shared my point of view and stories and connect with friends, family and  “women just like me”, thus the name of my blog. 

So, what about these young ladies in Korea……they’re smart, interesting, curious and  yes…beautiful.  The event begins with introductions, followed by a presentation by one of our professional beauty advisors.  She is full of life, I don’t understand a single word she says but she’s convinced me to buy whatever she is talking about (Prevage which I already use daily).  We move on to the Q&A and questions are targeted for me.  Lucky for all of us, especially yours truly, they speak  English.  I am always impressed at the ability of foreigners who master several languages.  Relatively quickly, we get comfortable and talk about products and move into blogging.  They are reporting in real time what they learn and think.  On average, they spend 2 to 3 hours each and every night.  Upload images and video and write postings for their sites.  Unlike me, they are regular contributors.

I learned a lot that night and I am grateful to be able to spend time with people who challenge how I think and spur my sense of curiosity.  I have always loved adventure and was reminded, by those lovely bloggers why.  It makes me more informed, interested and interesting.  Learning and experiencing new things fuels my sense of adventure and story telling.  But the most important thing for me, are the people I meet  and work with along the way.  Like the bloggers below and my dear little Olivia.


  1. I was so happy with spending time with you at that night in Seoul,
    Your post reminds me the memory of pleasure.

    The interview with Hankyung is posted on the website, and it should be very helpful for our brand. You look very elegant and proffessional on the interview. Thanks again,

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