Christmas in New York

I have many favorite times of year in New York.   December is certainly at the top of that list.  Here are just a few pictures taken all within a 6 block radius.  One of the things I love doing and did so to warm up years ago while pushing a stroller with a little girl…walk into the lobbies of the  grand hotels  and listen to the giggles!


  1. Hi Francine, I also have very fond memories of New York at Christmas, with Josephine in the stroller and taking in all of the sights. It’s the best city to be explored at Christmas time

  2. Makes me want to book a flight to New York today!

  3. Hi Francine, have missed you…. I love New York most times, but Christmas is magical. I too love the hotel lobbies, and would study the lovely floral arrangements!. The shop windows were are particular interest as well. One of my favorites is ABC Carpet and Home. Wish I were there!!! N.

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