A Legend Goes For Sale

The Kaftan Decade

We all remember her. Wife of Richard Burton X2,  globe trotter, violet eyes, Oscar winner, AIDS philanthropist and ultimate femme fatal…Elizabeth Taylor.  I was fortunate enough to go to Christie’s last night, to preview her numerous possession, going for sale at auction tomorrow night.  The collection is far too large for one nigh.  It will be sold over the next three days along with an incredible online auction.  You can go to the website to see some of her many trinkets at www.christies.com/etonlineauction  You too can own a piece of history!

Have a look at some of the pictures taken from my trustee iphone.  Her jewels and a few fashion pieces.  I don’t know about you, but I remember the “kaftan” decade.  She was fighting the battle of the bulge and  regardless of her shifting weight, she was always able to look like a goddess.  She certainly  travelled in class with her well worn Louis Vuitton collection.  Men were mesmerized by her beauty and her eyes.  They lavished her with jewels, a collection so immense I was blinded by the bling.  These are only some of the pieces that her family has put up for auction.  It’s worth a trip down memory lane to see what her life must have been like with all of those possessions.  I couldn’t help but ask myself if  she was  happier with all of these things?  She loved and she lived and in the process she did a lot of good things.   The following are but a few pictures. 

Emeralds,Diamonds and Gold...oh my

Andy Warhol Sketch


  1. Amazing!!! What will become of our possessions??? As I get older, I find myself asking the same question. N.

  2. What a treasure she was. I recently watched part of Lassie Come Home on Turner Classic Movies; she was so talented at a young age. Her daughter Liza Burton Tivey is a sculpter, stays out of the limelight and lives in a small town near the Hudson River. She looks very much like her mother.


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