Destined To Be On # 19

I consider myself a gym rat and have been going regularly for years.  Just trying to burn a few calories to stay where I am (always trying to shed a few more pounds) and stay fit and healthy.  To say that I love going to the gym at 5:30 am weekdays and a little later on weekends, would be a big fat lie!  I’m there because I have to be “ point finale”!

I’ve been feeling the need to shake things up lately and was convinced by a good friend that spinning would kick in more endorphins than running on the treadmill or the other machines I frequent.  So I took up the challenge.  Not that I’ve seen her in the “cycling studio” since, but committed, I have completed a few sessions under my belt.

Like all start ups, there’s a protocol.  There are established spinners, rules and positions.  The first thing you must do is secure a bike.  should be easy but….it requires planning and a memory for logging in pre class.  Trying to remember yet another username and password for my Equinox membership is not possible.  There are only so many  secret codes one can remember and this one is not “critical’ to live my life, therefore I am relegated to sign up when I show up.  The first class had few bikes left.  I choose #19, the last row by the window.  It took me awhile to get the height, seat position and handlebar just right.  My first session was simply trying t learn what seemed like a simple breath for the other spinners.  I thought my position was safe.  Far enough from the screaming instructor and the eager (beavers) professionals in the front row.   One does not want to embarrass herself with a less than “OK” form, for now at least.  I thought running 15 K’s a week would have me in fine shape but have come to realize this spinning thing is using up a whole new set of muscles I didn’t know I owned.  At least I have the endurance part down pat, but that’s it.

Well it’s been three sessions and I now realize that bike #19 is always available.  It was, again, the only bike available this morning.  I figured someone who had been on #19 must had died recently and others thought it must be bad luck to sit there, or the freakin thing is busted and I just don’t know enough.  So I sat, a little stronger in position and peddled my ass off.  At least today, I could look up and pay attention, only to notice that it was middle school all over again.  The instructor’s pets are  in the front row, smiling and willing.  The captains’ of industry wearing dew caps and tight riding shorts looking like urban rappers in the second row.  (I recognize some of them, normally wearing their pin stripes on the train)  The back rows, where I am riding #19 are several newbie’s and want to bee’s.  Just like the school cafeteria, we all have our positions.  We are not as polished or coordinated and we seem to sweat more than the others. 

I always sat in the last row in school (unless I was ordered to move up for one reason or another, usually accused of being one of the people responsible for anarchy in the classroom).  It was always more fun back there and like minded people find themselves in similar location.  Isn’t it always about “location,  like in real-estate?  Like an auction, it’s safe back there.  You get to see everything that is going on and you can time your efforts or “coup de cochon”, French for prank.  Not that I will be creating any pranks soon, I’m much to mature for that now…or am I?  Once I get my spinning legs (which I was told would take 6 weeks by a front row Queen Bee) I will get that username and password and move up a row and see what that’s like.  My other choice would be to actually try another bike and see if what I have been riding is actually up to snuff!  Time will tell.


  1. Do keep us old-timers ( who would never try spinning) posted….always fun to read what you are up to…Happy spinning and Happy Valentine’s Day Hugs Jeannette

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