Fly in, Fly Home ….Travelling Pants

Over the years you realize that business travel, in fact all travel is never good for the waistline.  So I have developed a strategy to help maintain whatever weight I take on the road (current waistline) on departure day.  Suggesting I would lose any of it would be a foolish effort, unless of course I was on my way to Canyon Ranch.

It’s simple really.  Decide what comfortable pants (no more than 3-5% Spandex) can be designated as your “travelling pants”, and wear them on both legs of your trip, to and from your destination back home.  It forces you to be mindful of what you consume. You have to have some criteria for this strategy to work.  I mentioned Spandex above.  It is allowed, but no more than 5%.  A little bit of give should you be flying, allowing for cabin pressure with some added flexibility for that kimchee eaten on Korean Air.  Your also not allowed to wear these pants daily to hope to “stretch them as you go” for that return trip home.  Not only would that be considered “cheating”, you start looking like a laundry hamper by day 3.

Here are some other practices, I witness far too often that are deal breaking no no’s.  Pajama pants, no way, no how.  I wrote about these fashion faux pas’s back in February 2011(Currant Rant) if you need any reminders.  Way too much flexibility and anything that doubles up as a pajama just doesn’t count.  Leggings also fall into this category.  Velour pants with the letters PINK etched into the back end are just so wrong in so many ways.  Sweat suits don’t count either, not to mention that that trend ended some 30 years ago. 

This last part actually brings me to another pet peeve of mine.  Why is it I see the most unhealthy people wearing workout clothes?  Yeh, I know there is a lot of stretch but the purpose of that stretch is for flexibility while exercising.  Not expansion racks for body parts.  There clearly is a market need for a new line of stretchables that bring some level of comfort and authenticity of activity level.  Looking like you just came from the gym when you haven’t is a disservice to the individual. There are better choices.

Scourer through your wardrobe and find those perfect pants.  It will keep you honest and focused on your mission to maintain what you’ve got!

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