Wire Walking Over Niagara Falls

I’m sitting here watching along with millions of curious people, Nick Wallenda walk a tight wire over the mighty Niagara Falls!  One third of a mile across one of the scariest waterways I know. Most people couldn’t walk  a straight line on a flat road.   I grew up in the area and have spent countless hours watching the water rush over the edge and not only is it breathtaking, the noise is as scary as it gets.   Rapids travelling at 65 miles per hour over the edge and dropping 20 stories below.  It’s dark, it’s foggy and he is being interviewed as he goes.  Let the guy focus on the task at hand for God’s sake.  And all of this with screaming crowds cheering him on.  What poses someone to do this?  There is a reason why this hasn’t been done since 1896…it’s insane!

Yes he is wearing a “tether” for protection, the only way ABC would support this effort to cash in on viewership and advertisers.  Entertainment with a price, hopefully not the cost of  his life.  Now he has 14 miles per hour winds swirling around him, the wire is wet and so is he.  Why can’t these broadcasters just keep quiet and let his dad, literally  walk him through this.  He is getting a little religion right now, thanking the good lord.  I would be thanking any religious God from all religions at this time.  He is really quite amazing, not to mention good looking!  He is just about over the border into Canada, carrying his passport.  I’m sure their is a border guard at the other end.  It looks like the worst is behind him and I just want him to get to the end, he is so close.  This guy has more energy, determination and focus.  He can teach us all a few things.  I really want him to get to the end.  Steps away from history.  He’s done!!!!

Simply quite amazing and ye,s the bilingual border patrol asking “what is the purpose of your trip…”to inspire people around the world” he says.  He has done that in spades for this girl and he has also provided me with a new line the next time I cross the Canadian border.  Let’s see if that works for me!

Hopefully, it will be  another 100 plus year before someone else attempts this foolish effort.  Next…look for him in advertising as the offers to represent brands come his way, a book, a movie and a motivational speaker’s tour .  I’ll be the first to buy a ticket!


  1. Amen! I just think that the whole thing was treated so lightly by everyone! This man just accomplished the most amazing feat ever, and it was done, over, let’s get on with it! I am still shaking my head in amazement!! N.xo

  2. and i’ll be the second in line to buy a ticket! great piece, Francine!!

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