Born to Run…Born to Live

There’s an annual beach dinner dance at this  club where I belong just outside of the city.  They have been doing this for the last  3 years and the entertainment has been consistent.  A pretty talented Bruce Springsteen “Want to Be” band which plays his music and  attracts young and old alike.  For some of us, we lived with The Boss in the 70’s and loved him then as much as we love him now.  His music it timeless along with that  get up and dance feeling in your soul.

While dancing to “Born to Run”, I looked around at the people dancing in the sand and it was packed with people having a great time, inclusive of moi.  Mind you, the band started to play long after the cocktail hour and most of us had several drinks down in our  bellies.  I’m sure we would have danced to any song and any band.   I couldn’t help thinking how time can  sit still.  “Born to Run” was first sang by Springsteen in 1974.  That’s a whopping 28 years ago!  More than half of of my lifetime.  But somehow,  this song feels  as current and alive as the youthful 50 year old’s dancing on the beach.  My generation kick’s ass!  We may not know all of the words to the song (I didn’t even know them all back in the day) but we all remember the chorus.

I’m sure others  felt the way I did Saturday night..ageless.   How does that happen?  How can you feel, act and live a moment and really feel like you did  back then?  Time can and does  stand still.  Without having mirrors to see oneself (thank God…I would wonder why my mother was joining us), we are back in the seventies.  Same feeling, same energy and spirit, just a different body.  There is a saying I have been using over the years, “you are what you were when”, I don’t remember where I picked up that line but it has always helped me put things in place.  In essence, who we were growing up is who we are now.  We have made simple modifications over time but basically, we are made of the cumulative  experiences we lived.  All of those experiences is  what makes us…us.

I often use the analogy of these experiences as pearls.  Every experience has a pearl.  Pearls get strung together and necklaces get worn.  Like jewelery, they signal to the world what we value, what makes us happy or sad.      There are different quality of pearls just as there are different life experiences.  Some are rare, some mass produced, some with more luster, others scarred and some you save a lifetime to get just a few.  The more experiences you have result in more pearls and more pearls allows you more choices, ideas and flexibility.  The more you have the more  wisdom you possess.

The only thing that gave away the age of all of the dancers on the beach was the fact that some of us have pearls gathered in the 70″s  and actually know how to dance to the Boss’s tunes.  Sometime you have to live long enough to know what to do and know  when time can sit still.


  1. Great summary of a wonderful experience. I had the good fortune of being at that same event and dancing on the beach. Incidentially, there is an excellent profile of Bruce Springsteen in the July 30 issue of the New Yorker. Absolutely worth reading.

  2. I agree Francine, well said and so true! I always say our generation will go down still rockin’ !
    You may be referring to the Canadian demographics author David Foot, Boom, Bust Echo….his premise is ” you are what you were when “. I just experienced a similar feeling in Saratoga this past weekend! So fun! N.xo

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