About the Author

Born into a French Canadian family, number 4 of 5 girls, I learned early and often the power and persistence of strong women.    I’ve had an eclectic career, starting as an ICU nurse where I learned some of my life’s most important lessons.  Don’t take it for granted or too seriously.  My motto “is it life threatening”, has stayed with me throughout my life and allowed me to experience so much.  From bedside nursing to Fortune 100 corporate C-Suites as a senior communications executive, I have seen and done a lot.  I’ve travelled to 30 countries, lived in Asia and immigrated to the US in 1990.

I have spent the better part of the last 25 years in the area of public affairs, public relations. I have enjoyed participating in the evolution of transparency 0f new communication technology and  somewhat like the complexity of staying on message in a digital world.  Technology may change but at the core of it all, people don’t change that much.

Following a 30 year career, I decided to stay home throughout my daughter’s senior year (September 10-May 2011) to support her as she prepared for her next chapter in life, college.  I wanted to be close on terra firma, accessible and helpful.  Home is where I wanted and needed to be for my mental health.   She wasn’t the one needing me.  The truth is…I needed her.  I needed a chance to be present, share her journey real time and yes, re-claim myself in the process.

I loved working. I learned a ton, met great people and was challenged in a way that made me stronger and more interesting.  Being home for that year was sheer luxury, a gift of time.  With one of her most critical decisions behind her, I decided to go back to work, doing what I love to do, Public Relations in an industry I adore…beauty.