Where humor, wisdom and experience collide; from a woman who’s lived long enough to know enough.

I’m not suffering from a mid-life crisis or just now realizing that  I have limited time on this planet.  I’ve lived long enough to know enough and am young enough to enjoy and live my best life.    After 30 years of a mostly wonderful, crazy career, the gift of being someone’s mom,  being a wife (albeit twice but that makes you smarter and stronger …right), sandwiched between two generations to look after, having the love and support of some great friends (“the girls”), sisters, in-laws and relatives, surviving the lost of loved ones and witnessing the struggle of others, its time to reclaim “me”.  It’s time to be heard, to think, reflect, learn, share, support, celebrate, laugh and cry.  It’s time to make it all about us, all with a sense of humor and a will to make everyday a little more interesting.  Taking everyday life and adding a twist.  It’s time to inspire women just like me to embrace, participate and enjoy the online community.

I chose the name women just like me as my blog name becasue I learned over my business career that women looked to other women they trusted for advice, guidance and community and it became the only name that made sense.

Being who we are is a state of mind, not a measure of numbers or health changes.  I want to celebrate and enjoy my life and hopefully…inspire others to do the same.